Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Laying down the law

Helloooooo out there! I'm Murphy and I am a fine looking 1971 Woodsman Travel Trailer about to be spruced up by Old Glory Travel Trailer Restorations. I suppose I should start by telling you how I got my name and then we will move on to more pertinent matters. You see, this lady who supposedly loves vintage travel trailers to pieces (guess she actually takes them down to pieces), and has since she was a little girl, started restoring them. Well, apparently she has quite a history with Murphy's Law. I mean some of her friends aren't even shocked any more when she tells them about her latest fiasco. Well, I just so happened to be one of those fiascos.

It's cold in upstate New York and so before she took the two hour ride to come and get me near the PA border she asked the old owner everything she needed to know so she didn't run into any trouble bringing me home. Heee Heee Heee. Little did she know, those people weren't very truthful. She drove down a steep cliff, hooked me up to the ball and the old owner lowered me down from the jacks....that's when the air went out of me and I think the lady got the wind knocked out of her too! The tires weren't good like they said, so she had to go get a new set and put them on me in what felt like the artic zone. It was a Saturday and everything out there in the middle of no where was closed. She managed though. Let's just say it wasn't easy. Then she hooked me back up again and plugged in the lights after some issues with the adapter. Nope, not a one worked like they said they did. So, many hours later, in the dark, she finally decided they weren't going to cooperate. Did I mention it was freezing cold?  Lot's of other mishaps happened too, but we won't get into those.

At this point she had two choices. Either leave me or wing it. I heard her say, "Murphy you are not winning this one".....and away we went. No lights, in the dark, down the street to the local bar and restaurant. She went in and warmed up and since it was dark and she couldn't drive without lights, she had every intention of spending the night in me right there in the middle of the parking lot. Got a feeling she's a bit feisty. Oh, I know she was very upset with me. She never yelled or said bad words. She just joked a very sarcastic manner. I get the feeling she is used to fighting with Murphy!

The Green Shingle Inn in Lindley, New York. A special place. People have hearts of gold,
they aren't afraid of Murphy, and 99 and I spent our first night together! Hee heee hee!

While I was outside garnering attention from the locals, she was inside telling a group of hunters what her story was. Story got back to the bar owner who showed up with blankets and pillows. So, 99 (the feisty lady I have been referring to) and I spent the night together. I think she went to bed mad, but I couldn't quite tell for certain. Next morning there was a knock on the door. The bar owner had hot coffee. A guy showed up with some wire and they tried to fix the lights, but only one would work. I did tell you it was freezing cold, right? 

That's when 99 said "Murphy, we've come this far we aren't giving up yet and I'm not going home alone". And at that moment it dawned on me. I was Murphy and she was more than ready to tackle me! Next thing I know we were hitting the road. 

I'm home now. Well, my temporary home anyway. I guess she is going to make me all kinds of dapper looking and then send me off to a new home so she can go out and rescue another one of my forgotten brothers or sisters. There is another trailer over here named Faith. She is going to Massachusetts this Sunday to be with her new family. One night when 99 wasn't listening (we trailers never let humans know we can communicate), Faith told me she was taken down to the bare bones. 99 said I don't need that. I'm in good shape. That's good to know because it is not that cold right now, but I get the chills just thinking about it!

Here I am! It's a pleasure to meet you!
This is my curbside.

This is my streetside.

This is my back side. 99 is a little weird. She happens to be in love with my rear end, thinks it's cute. One of her trailer loving buddies said I look like I got some junk in my trunk. If you like old trailers, you should check out his, it's a Scotty named Toaster and he sure is one good looking piece of aluminum! Here's the link: Adventures of Toaster

Now let me show you my insides. Not much to look at. 99 says I just need a little tampering and doctoring and sprucing and I will be just fine!

This is my bathroom. 99 had to take pictures of that right away. When she was snapping them she said something about a friend who would not be satisfied until she saw pictures of the bathroom. Humans are such strange creatures.

My dinette...

 The fridge with the Coleman heater below...

My kitchen that is just dying to cook up some bacon! 

 My back couch with the overhead bunk. The couch is open to the storage area because the fuse box was disconnected and it had to be hooked up so 99 could get my inside lights going/

This is the dinette with the table down into a bed. Look....I still have my original propane light! Cool!

 My ceiling has a vinyl coating on it that has seen better days. First thing 99 tackled, but we will get to that later.

Those aren't water stains back there. It's where the thin top layer of the ceiling wall came off with the vinyl.
99 says I am awesomely dry with no leakatosis! That makes her smile.

Here's my rear couch set up. How do you like my cushions? Can you say retro?

This is my curtain fabric. 99 is going to keep it since it looks like it was done recently and in good shape. Guess that means I will have a cabin/fisherman type of theme going on. Appropriate for a Woodsman! And I'm all Man! Hee hee hee!

I will be back to tell you more and show you my progress. For now I will leave you with something to think about. On the way home 99 was actually breaking the law (driving with no lights) but she also broke Murphy's Law and got me to where I was supposed to be. If you find yourself constantly harassed by Murphy, turn it around and into something positive. I'm a prime example of how Murphy can be a good thing if you don't give up and keep on fighting the good fight. 
Here's the most common of Murphy's laws:
Anything that can go wrong, will.
Now here is Murphy's Law turned around, Yhprum's Law:
If something goes wrong, you can always find a way to make it right.

Stay positive people and keep on trailering!! Goodnight!